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Thyroid health is complicated. Finding answers shouldn’t be!

The internet is, sadly, rife with “natural” advice for thyroid health, but when you dig into the evidence, not only is it unproven—it’s also actively harmful for anyone dealing with autoimmune or underlying causes.

I battled Hashimoto’s for more than a decade before finding the right answers. I’ve now been in remission for years, wrote a book on thyroid disease, and have helped hundreds of clients find answers for their own complex nutritional and wellness journeys.

During my process of finding health, I tried nearly every “natural” remedy: some of them helped, some of them made things way worse. I tried tons of diets, programs, and methods for getting better. In the end, a lot of it was pointless and a distraction from the very simple things that do help.

In Thyroidology, I focus on the evidence and science of research, while also being practical and approachable. New research is released every month that continues to improve what we know about thyroid health and disease.

Follow Thyroidology for evidence-based articles, how-to’s, and insights into how a practitioner addresses thyroid-related issues. Stay for the practicality, relatability, and necessary humor thrown in.

Thyroid disease can be a trip, but you can still take control of the journey. What better way to do it than by learning from someone who has?

*Note: of course Thyroidology is not medical advice. Nothing replaces working with your medical provider.

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